Machine Questions:       
What is Fantasia and how it works ?
The Fantasia is a WIFI DIY print device that next to your coffee machine. It transforms any image or text in seconds atop the milk froth layer of coffee beverages, both hot and cold,using 3D&Inkjet printing technology .
What is the relationship with coffee maker ?
The Fantasia is a standalone machine , the milk-frothed coffee is canvas and Fantasia is the brush .
How can i upload a image to Fantasia ?
You can upload image by scanning a QR code or input a designated URL
How long it takes to master how to use the device ?
Without the need for a formal arrangement with a faculty member for a special course, only take few minutes to learn how it works
Do you have any certifications for your products ?
Yes, our products have passed FCC and CE certification
Where is the market positioning of your products ?
Cafe,bakery,tea shop and any companies which need entertain customers, such as hotel, automobile 4S shops, etc .

FancyBox and Printing questions:
What is the FancyBox ?
The Box is a proprietary vessel filled with edible ink, which has passed the SGS food safty certification
Are Fantasia can print image on different colors ?
Currently Fantasia can simply print coffee color, different color is technically feasible, we will consider adding this feature if needed
How many cups can you print with one FancyBox ?
One single box can print 800 images
Are FancyBox refillable and how to buy it more when it runs out ?
The FancyBox is not refillable and you can purchase FancyBox individually
Whether the Fantasia can work on any other beverage ?
Yes, any beverage topped with milk froth is feasible
What’s the largest image size for printing ?
The image should be less than 4” x 4”
Does the printing has any effect on the coffee taste ?
The edible ink is flavourless,wont have any effect on the taste
Company and purchasing questions:
What is the price of Fantasia ?
Please contact with our sales team for the price info@evebot.cc
How is the product warranty and after service ?
All our products are covered by one year warranty &free replacement parts, and lifelong free software upgrades and technical services
How can i purchase your products ?
You can purchase them through your local agents, if currently there is no agent in your country, you can buy directly from us
How long for the delivery time ?
Normally within 2 days after your payment, we will inform you in advance if there is no inventory
Do you have your own factory and how is the capacity ?
Yes, we have our own factory and the production capacity is 2000set/month
Whether your products are in sale now ? how is the order quantity ?
We have been selling products in China from 2017 and received very good response, the monthly order volume is reached a stable level around 600sets.

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